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8014s.png Donation Credits: Obtainable through cash donations only.

Credits Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
1 Costume Exchange Ticket 8010s.png Usable Item
1 Battle Manual Box 12900s.png Usable Item
1 Gym Pass 7776s.png Miscellaneous
3 Costume Invisible Cap 19602s.png Upper Headgear
3 Costume Invisible Glasses 19603s.png Middle Headgear
3 Costume Invisible Mask 19604s.png Lower Headgear
4 Bell Ribbon 61019s.png Upper Headgear
4 Black Cat Hood 23412s.png Upper Headgear
4 Feathered Top Hat 23413s.png Upper Headgear
4 Starry Night Beret 23419s.png Upper Headgear
6 Flower Bunny Hat 61233s.png Upper Headgear
6 Frilled Flower Collar 61262s.png Lower Headgear
6 Kittens in Basket 29328s.png Upper Headgear
6 Sweet Balloon Hat 29466s.png Upper Headgear
7 Gym Pass Box 13710s.png Usable Item
8 Clock Tower Manager Incom 20131s.png Middle Headgear
8 Wing Framed Sunglasses 20077s.png Middle Headgear
10 Akatsuki Hat 17444s.png Lower Headgear
10 Crazy In Love Aura 29129s.png Lower Headgear
10 Daft Punk Helmet Gold 29140s.png U, M, L Headgear
10 Daft Punk Helmet Silver 29141s.png U, M, L Headgear
10 Flandre Scarlet Wings 61215s.png Lower Headgear
10 Icicle Wings 61311s.png Lower Headgear
10 Music Ring 61363s.png Lower Headgear
10 Mythical Wings 61376s.png Lower Headgear
15 Boarding Halter 12622s.png Usable Item

8015s.png Event Credits: Obtainable through Game Master-hosted events only.

Credits Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
10 Blank Eyes 22386s.png Middle Headgear
10 Byakugan 17411s.png Middle Headgear
10 Ring of Disguise 8016s.png Accessory
10 Rinnegan 17412s.png Middle Headgear
10 Sharingan 17413s.png Middle Headgear
30 Falcon's Ring 8024s.png Accessory
30 Vendor's Ring 8019s.png Accessory
50 Lord Kaho's Horn 5013s.png Upper Headgear
100 Super Saiyan 1 23041s.png Upper Headgear

8009s.png Legacy Credits: Automatically obtained if you donated to server before 2016.

Credits Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
1 Donation Credit 8014s.png Usable Item
5 AFK Hat 5474s.png Upper Headgear
5 Baby Dragon Hat 5531s.png Upper Headgear
5 Blue Pajamas Hat 5506s.png Upper Headgear
5 Pink Pajamas Hat 5507s.png Upper Headgear
5 BF Recruiter Hat 19698s.png Upper Headgear
5 Friend Recruiter Hat 23050s.png Upper Headgear
5 GF Recruiter Hat 19699s.png Upper Headgear
5 Guildsman Recruiter Hat 23051s.png Upper Headgear
5 Party Recruiter Hat 23052s.png Upper Headgear
15 3D Glasses 17093s.png Middle Headgear
15 Angel Ripper 17104s.png Upper Headgear
15 Band Aid 17067s.png Upper Headgear
15 Deviruchi Wings 17119s.png Lower Headgear
15 Rabbit in the Hat 17082s.png Upper Headgear
15 Retribution Wings 17128s.png Lower Headgear
15 Sage Ring 17109s.png Lower Headgear
50 Balloon Hat 20277s.png Upper Headgear
50 Coppola 19660s.png Upper Headgear
50 Hunter's Hat 20204s.png Upper Headgear
50 Koneko Hat 23048s.png Upper Headgear
50 Ramen Hat 23049s.png Upper Headgear
50 Santa Poring Hat 19682s.png Upper Headgear
100 Black-Framed Glasses 19722s.png Middle Headgear
100 Red Glasses 19609s.png Middle Headgear
100 Wings of Victory 19710s.png Upper Headgear
200 Falcon's Ring 8024s.png Accessory

8013s.png Mini-Game Credits: Obtainable from participating to automated in-game events only.

A. Consumables

Credits Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
1 Zeny Bag (3,000,000) 8057s.png Usable Item
1 Level 3 Adrenaline Rush Box (100) 12918s.png Usable Item
1 Level 3 Aspersio Box (50) 12915s.png Usable Item
1 Level 3 Assumptio Box (50) 12916s.png Usable Item
1 Level 7 Blessing Box (100)</h5> 12913s.png Usable Item
1 Level 7 Increase Agility Box (100) 12914s.png Usable Item
3 Repair Weapon Scroll Box (100) 13863s.png Usable Item
1 Level 7 Wind Walker Box (100) 12917s.png Usable Item
1 Barricade Repair Kit 14287s.png Usable Item
1 Guardian Stone Repair Kit 14288s.png Usable Item
1 Giant Fly Wing Box (10) 12910s.png Usable Item

8013s.png Mini-Game Credits: Obtainable from participating to automated in-game events only.

B. Equipment

Credits Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
20 Black Feather Beret 18561s.png Upper Headgear
30 Autumn Leaves 5270s.png Upper Headgear
60 Sinsuncho Hat 18558s.png Upper Headgear
80 Desert Prince 5591s.png Upper Headgear
80 Strawberry Hat 18589s.png Upper Headgear
80 Turtle Hat 5611s.png Upper Headgear
120 Well-Chewed Pencil 5574s.png Lower Headgear
150 Screw Stuck Head 18577s.png Middle Headgear
150 Yin Yang Earrings 18576s.png Middle Headgear
200 Heart Wing Headband 18563s.png Upper Headgear
200 Humming Bird 18568s.png Upper Headgear
300 Golden Wings 16215s.png Lower Headgear
300 Hana Hana No Mi 17453s.png Lower Headgear
300 Ifrit Mask 5420s.png U, M Headgear
300 White and Red Ribbon 16243s.png Lower Headgear
400 Hawk Eye 5680s.png Middle Headgear
400 Little Feather Hat 18541s.png Upper Headgear
400 Pigeon 17402s.png Lower Headgear
400 Queen Elf Ears 17410s.png Middle Headgear
400 Robot Ears 17440s.png Middle Headgear
400 Shining Pirate Dagger 17421s.png Lower Headgear
400 Tear Drop 18606s.png M, L Headgear
600 Deviruchi Balloon 18944s.png Upper Headgear
750 Anger Point 8102s.png Accessory
750 Glove of Orion 8101s.png Accessory
750 Yasakani no Magatama 8105s.png Accessory
800 Obito Goggles 22388s.png Middle Headgear
1000 Fire Trap 8107s.png Accessory
1000 Galahad's Impurity 8100s.png Accessory
1000 Ring of Gyges 8104s.png Accessory
1200 Harlequin Hat 17494s.png Upper Headgear
1200 Ring of Omnipotence 8103s.png Accessory
1200 Seven-league Boots 8106s.png Footgear
1500 Flame Aura 17455s.png Lower Headgear
1500 Runes of Power 17441s.png Lower Headgear

8008s.png Rental Tickets: Automatically obtained during first log-in of the day.

Can be used to redeem rental equivalent of headgears listed below.
Some rental headgears have tweaked bonuses compared to its original counterpart.

Credits Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
5 Angeling Wings 8043s.png Lower Headgear
5 Deviling Wings 17006s.png Lower Headgear
5 Deviruchi Wings 17119s.png Lower Headgear
5 Ghostring Hat 17106s.png Upper Headgear
5 Gothic Ribbon 17123s.png Upper Headgear
5 Heart Feather 17124s.png Upper Headgear
5 Holy Essence 17125s.png Upper Headgear
5 Hood of Death 17087s.png Upper Headgear
5 Medical Eyepatch 17090s.png Middle Headgear
7 Pikachu Ears 17089s.png Upper Headgear
7 3D Glasses 17093s.png Middle Headgear
7 Angel Ripper 17104s.png Upper Headgear
7 Band Aid 17067s.png Upper Headgear
7 Black-Dark Helmet 17105s.png Upper Headgear
7 Drooping Leaf Cat 17120s.png Upper Headgear
7 Night Ring 17127s.png Lower Headgear
7 Rabbit in the Hat 17082s.png Upper Headgear
7 Reisz Helmet 17083s.png Upper Headgear
7 Retribution Wings 17128s.png Lower Headgear
7 Sage Ring 17109s.png Lower Headgear
7 Side Hat 17129s.png Upper Headgear
7 Split Ice Cream 17130s.png Upper Headgear

8012s.png War of Emperium Credits: Obtainable through participating to War of Emperium only.

Credits Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
20 Aztec Headdress 17608s.png Upper Headgear
20 Drooping Falcon 7605s.png Upper Headgear
30 Kitty Ribbon Hat 17601s.png Upper Headgear
30 Banana Beret 5601s.png Upper Headgear
30 Red Wing Hat 5690s.png Upper Headgear
30 Ribbon Wizard Hat 16240s.png Upper Headgear
50 Clock Tower Hat 17603s.png Upper Headgear
50 Ninja Helm 17604s.png U, L Headgear
70 Cygnus Helm 17401s.png Upper Headgear
70 Dip Schmidtz Helm 5757s.png U, M Headgear
90 Undertaker Hat 23409s.png Upper Headgear
120 Chubby Chick 17609s.png Upper Headgear
200 Glowing Rose Eye Patch 23415s.png Middle Headgear
200 Cute Baby Chicks 29139s.png Upper Headgear
200 Mario's Wing Cap 29010s.png Upper Headgear
200 Luigi's Wing Cap 29011s.png Upper Headgear
400 deadmau5 Helmet 29163s.png Upper Headgear

Battlegrounds-Use Items

Zeny Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
1000 Acid Demo Box (BG) 25319s.png Usable Item 25319m.jpg
1000 Level 3 Aspersio Box (BG) 25334s.png Usable Item 25334m.jpg
1000 Level 7 Blessing Scroll Box (BG) 25336s.png Usable Item 25336m.jpg
1000 Drowsiness Box (BG) 25306s.png Usable Item 25306m.jpg
1000 Gloom Box (BG) 25304s.png Usable Item 25304m.jpg
1000 Panting Box (BG) 25328s.png Usable Item 25328m.jpg
1000 Resentment Box (BG) 25305s.png Usable Item 25305m.jpg
1000 Sunlight Box (BG) 25311s.png Usable Item 25311m.jpg
1000 Cobweb Box (BG) 25321s.png Usable Item 25321m.jpg
1000 Cursed Water Box (BG) 25335s.png Usable Item 25335m.jpg
1000 Seismic Converter Box (BG) 25331s.png Usable Item 25331m.jpg
1000 Flame Converter Box (BG) 25329s.png Usable Item 25329m.jpg
1000 Frost Converter Box (BG) 25330s.png Usable Item 25330m.jpg
1000 Lightning Converter Box (BG) 25332s.png Usable Item 25332m.jpg
1000 Crystal Fragment Box (BG) 25324s.png Usable Item 25324m.jpg
1000 Blue Gemstone Box (BG) 25325s.png Usable Item 25325m.jpg
1000 Red Gemstone Box (BG) 25327s.png Usable Item 25327m.jpg
1000 Yellow Gemstone Box (BG) 25326s.png Usable Item 25326m.jpg
1000 Glistening Coat Box (BG) 25322s.png Usable Item 25322m.jpg
1000 Holy Water Box (BG) 25333s.png Usable Item 25333m.jpg
1000 Level 7 Increase Agility Box (BG) 25337s.png Usable Item 25337m.jpg
1000 Plant Battle Box (BG) 25323s.png Usable Item 25323m.jpg
1000 Poison Battle Box (BG) 25320s.png Usable Item 25320m.jpg
1000 Blue Potion Box (BG) 25302s.png Usable Item 25302m.jpg
1000 Repair Weapon Scroll Box (BG) 25338s.png Usable Item 25338m.jpg
1000 Condensed White Potion Box (BG) 25300s.png Usable Item 25300m.jpg
1000 White Potion Box (BG) 25301s.png Usable Item 25301m.jpg
1000 Fireproof Box (BG) 25307s.png Usable Item 25307m.jpg
1000 Coldproof Box (BG) 25308s.png Usable Item 25308m.jpg
1000 Earthproof Box (BG) 25309s.png Usable Item 25309m.jpg
1000 Thunderproof Box (BG) 25310s.png Usable Item 25310m.jpg
1000 Speed Potion Box (BG) 25303s.png Usable Item 25303m.jpg
2000 Kebob Box (BG) 25317s.png Usable Item 25317m.jpg
2000 Soul Haunted Box (BG) 25316s.png Usable Item 25316m.jpg
2000 Jelly Box (BG) 25315s.png Usable Item 25315m.jpg
2000 Alligator Box (BG) 25313s.png Usable Item 25313m.jpg
2000 Sumptuous Box (BG) 25314s.png Usable Item 25314m.jpg
2000 Whole Roast Box (BG) 25312s.png Usable Item 25312m.jpg

7773s.png War Badge Shop: Consumables

Badges Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
30 Seismic Converter Box (20) 25016s.png Usable Item 25016m.jpg
30 Flame Converter Box (20) 25014s.png Usable Item 25014m.jpg
30 Frost Converter Box (20) 25015s.png Usable Item 25015m.jpg
30 Lightning Converter Box (20) 25017s.png Usable Item 25017m.jpg

7773s.png War Badge Shop: Weapons

Badges Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
120 Assaulter Lance 1482s.png Two-Handed Spear
120 Assaulter Spear 1425s.png One-Handed Spear
120 Brave Assassin's Damascus 13036s.png Dagger
120 Brave Assaulter's Katzbalger 1183s.png Two-Handed Sword
120 Brave Gladiator Blade 13411s.png One-Handed Sword
120 Brave Battle Crossbow 1739s.png Bow
120 Brave Battle Fist 1824s.png Claw
120 Brave Battle Lariat 1978s.png Whip
120 Brave Battle Strategy Book 1574s.png Book
120 Brave Battlefield Guitar 1924s.png Musical Instrument
120 Brave Battlefield Morning Star 1543s.png Mace
120 Brave Carnage Katar 1279s.png Katar
120 Brave Humma Front Shuriken 13305s.png Humma Shuriken
120 Brave Insane Battle Axe 1380s.png Axe
120 Soldier Gatling Gun Gatling Gun
120 Soldier Revolver 13108s.png Revolver
120 Soldier Rifle 13171s.png Rifle
120 Soldier Shotgun 13173s.png Shotgun
120 Speedy Recovery Wand 1635s.png One-Handed Staff
120 Strong Recovery Wand 1634s.png One-Handed Staff
120 Valorous Assassin's Damascus 13037s.png Dagger
120 Valorous Assaulter's Katzbalger 1184s.png Two-Handed Sword
120 Valorous Battle Crossbow 1738s.png Bow
120 Valorous Battlefield Guitar 1923s.png Musical Instrument
120 Valorous Battle Fist 1823s.png Claw
120 Valorous Battle Lariat 1977s.png Whip
120 Valorous Battle Strategy Book 1575s.png Book
120 Valorous Battlefield Morning Star 1542s.png Mace
120 Valorous Carnage Katar 1280s.png Katar
120 Valorous Gladiator Blade 13410s.png One-Handed Sword
120 Valorous Humma Front Shuriken 13306s.png Humma Shuriken
120 Valorous Insane Battle Axe 1379s.png Axe
120 Warlock's Battle Wand 1633s.png One-Handed Staff
120 Warlock's Magic Wand 1632s.png One-Handed Staff

7773s.png War Badge Shop: Non-Weapons

Badges Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
80 Assassin Robe 2378s.png Armor
80 Assaulter Plate 2376s.png Armor
80 Elite Archer Suit 2381s.png Armor
80 Elite Engineer Armor 2377s.png Armor
80 Elite Shooter Suit 2382s.png Armor
80 Medic's Robe 2380s.png Armor
80 Warlock's Battle Robe 2379s.png Armor
60 Captain's Manteau 2538s.png Garment
60 Commander's Manteau 2539s.png Garment
60 Sheriff's Manteau 2540s.png Garment
60 Battle Boots 2437s.png Foot gear
60 Battle Greaves 2435s.png Foot gear
60 Combat Boots 2436s.png Foot gear

7773s.png War Badge Shop: Headgears

Badges Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
80 Mosquito Coil 5586s.png Upper Headgear
80 Tongue Mask 5272s.png M, L Headgear
500 Trident Helmet 18661s.png Upper Headgear
500 Ancient Admiral Helm 18637s.png U, M Headgear
500 Secret Society Hood 18654s.png U, M, L Headgear
700 Knit Cap of Water 18942s.png Upper Headgear
700 Sky Met 18726s.png U, M Headgear
800 Angel Ripper 17104s.png Upper Headgear
800 Band Aid 17067s.png Upper Headgear
800 Deviruchi Wings 17119s.png Lower Headgear
800 Rabbit in the Hat 17082s.png Upper Headgear
800 3D Glasses 17093s.png Middle Headgear
800 Retribution Wings 17128s.png Lower Headgear
800 Sage Ring 17109s.png Lower Headgear

7773s.png War Badge Shop: Miscellaneous

Badges Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
10 Zeny Bag (10,000,000) 8055s.png Usable Item
10 Rental Ticket 8008s.png Usable Item
30 Forbidden Red Candle 660s.png Taming Item
250 Umbral Token 8011s.png Usable Item
400 Purified Elunium 6241s.png Miscellaneous
400 Purified Oridecon 6240s.png Miscellaneous
600 Classic Loot Box 27504s.png Usable Item
600 Classic Loot Box 2 27505s.png Usable Item
600 Alternative Loot Box 27506s.png Usable Item
700 Old Enriched Elunium 7619s.png Miscellaneous
700 Old Enriched Oridecon 7620s.png Miscellaneous
8000 Battlegrounds Card 8097s.png Usable Item

8080s.png Hunter's Token: Obtainable through completing Wolf Boy Item Hunt Quest daily.

Token Item Name Item Class Additional Notes
80 Oliver Wolf Hood 19543s.png Upper Headgear
65 Wolf Tail 17611s.png Lower Headgear
50 Husky Hat 18891s.png Upper Headgear
35 Vagabond Wolf Hat]]</h5> 5498s.png U, M Headgear
25 Baby Desert Wolf Hat 18629s.png Upper Headgear
15 Helmet of Ice Wolf 17107s.png Upper Headgear
1 Blood Of Wolf 6252s.png Miscellaneous