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This is a quick guide to easy solo leveling 101. (Roughly 30 minutes total.)

1. Talk to our little novice right here and head over to beginner zone to kill a bunch of porings. Stay until you've read level 70. Make sure to invest in both dex and int stats.


2. Change your job to acolyte and head over to pay_dun00, kill until you've reach level 90. Don't forget to invest in dex and int stats.


3. Learn level 10 Heal and head over to pay_dun02, use Heal on the undead type monsters in the map. Stop once you hit 90 job.


4. Change your job to priest. Head back to pay_dun02 and get some job levels. Don't forget to learn Level 11 Heal.


5. Warp to in_sphinx4 and use the overpowered level 11 Heal on the Anubis. Still increase your dex and int stats. *You may stop increasing your dex once you hit 170.


6. At around level 130, head over to abbey02. You'll need 2 heals to kill one Zombie Slaughter. Continue this way of leveling up until you hit 170 dex and around 250 int.


7. Once you've hit the 250 int and 170 dex base stats, head back to amatsu. Buy around 150+ blue gemstones. Fix your skills to learn Level 10 Magnus Exorcismus.
8. Head to abbey03, just spam Magnus Exorcismus to where the Necromancer then @jump. Repeat this process while maxing your int to 450. Within 10-20 minutes, you'll be maxed to 500.


9. You could change job by paying 5M (Novice) or 10M (Knight/Paladin/etc) to go to your desired job.

10. Enjoy~