Assassin Robe

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2378s.png Assassin Robe [2378]

Description If you desire to move more quickly, this might help. It gives off multiple effects when compounded as a set.

Reduces damage from Demi-Human monsters by 2%.
MaxHP + 150, MDEF + 2.

[+ Battle Greaves and Captain's Manteau]
AGI + 3. Maximum HP + 12%.
Increase in attack speed(delay after attacking reduces by 5%), ASPD + 5%.
Increases damage received from all non-Demihuman monster by 3 times.
When attacking physically has a chance of restoring 3,000 HP per second for 10 seconds.

How to Obtain
Item Class Armor
Weight 0
Slots 1
Defense 7
Applicable Jobs
  • Thief
  • Ninja
Item Script